1. Poor Personal Hygiene

Is your loved one maintaining their usual standards for cleanliness? Pay attention to if they’re not bathing, brushing their teeth or washing their clothing.

2. A messier or cluttered living space

A cluttered home can be a sign of physical or cognitive difficulties.

3. Spoiled Food in the fridge or little food at all

Check to see if your loved one has fresh food in the fridge. If their food is expiring or the fridge is empty they may not be eating regular meals.

4. Unpaid Bills

Is your loved one on top of paying their bills or neglecting essential expenses? Keep your eye out if you noticed unopened bills or signs the utilities might not be paid.

5. Significant changes in their health or mobility

Is your loved one struggling to get around or are they on top of their on going health issues?

6. Limited Social Life

Is your loved one still engaging with friends and family? Do they still take part in their favorite community activities?

Changes in these areas could indicate it’s time to consider senior care options for your loved one. Relocating to an assisted living facility can be stressful, confusing, and disheartening for seniors — most of whom would prefer to age in their own home.

By introducing in-home care, KinCare at home can help your loved one navigate the most challenging aspects of daily living. This will allow them to continue to enjoy the comfort and stability of home. In-home care allows seniors to continue living at home, while receiving the support they need from a loving, competent caregiver who works on your loved one’s schedule and with their routines.

KinCare at Home offers customized home care services designed to help seniors age in place, even as they experience physical or cognitive decline. Our care professionals can assist your loved one with meal preparation, medication reminders, social outings, and other tasks to help maintain their health and happiness.

If you’re interested in more information about how in-home care can help your loved one please call our office at 617-588-0055 or email us at info@kincareathome.com

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